.nz NTP servers now IPv6-accessible

InternetNZ subsidiary company NZRS has advised that its public NTP service is now fully IPv6-accessible. In a post to the NZNOG mailing list, NZRS Chief Executive Jay Daley says that there is “new firmware on the boxes that fixes previous IPv6 issues”.  ntp1.ntp.net.nz and ntp3 are now accessible over IPv6, albeit ntp2 has a minor […]

APAC Task Force talks IPv6 in Singapore

The Asia Pacific IPv6 Task Force convened in Singapore late last month, with IPv6-related updates given by a number of countries and economies including Hong Kong, India, Korea and Singapore. The gathering was also treated to several technical presentations on region-wide IPv6 deployment and the evolution of IPv6 transition technologies. A full run-down of the […]

IPv6 news wrap

A number of interesting news articles relating to IPv6 have been published recently. See below for a taste: —- IPv6 makes mobile networks faster ExtremeTech – 16 January 2013 “At CES in Las Vegas, a panel of experts on Internet Protocol technology discussed IPv6 and the benefits of having mobile devices use IPv6 instead of […]

NZNOG 2013 looms!

The NZNOG 2013 Conference is fast looming, with a feast of networking subject matter – including IPv6 workshops / tutorials. NZNOG13 Is Upon Us Register early for NZNOG13 and receive a free Mikrotik wireless access point and router!! The New Zealand Network Operators Group (NZNOG) is holding its annual conference and training workshops and tutorials […]

Beehive website now IPv6 accessible

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) has advised that the official website of the New Zealand government – www.beehive.govt.nz – has been made IPv6 accessible. Featuring a variety of Ministerial press releases, speeches, and other information relating to the running of the country, the Beehive website is frequently updated and understood to be highly trafficked. […]