IPv6 news wrap

A number of interesting news articles relating to IPv6 have been published recently. See below for a taste:


IPv6 makes mobile networks faster
ExtremeTech – 16 January 2013

“At CES in Las Vegas, a panel of experts on Internet Protocol technology discussed IPv6 and the benefits of having mobile devices use IPv6 instead of IPv4. As it turns out, IPv6 offers some pretty substantial benefits over IPv4 for mobile networks and the devices that connect to them.”


PlusNet Tests IP Address-Sharing As IPv6 Fails To Take Off
TechWeek Europe – 15 January 2013

“PlusNet, the Sheffield-based ISP owned by BT, is testing a controversial scheme in which all its customers could share one IP address through Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT). The move, made necessary by the slow progress of the new protocol IPv6, could limit customers’ Internet actions and cause problems with tracking abuse or criminal action.”


IPv6 can boost mobile performance, battery life, proponents say
Network World – 11 January 2013

“IPv6, the next version of the Internet Protocol, could make life easier and battery life longer for electronics-addicted consumers. Much of the push for IPv6 has been focused on the requirements of enterprises and the challenges they face in making the transition from the current protocol, IPv4. If device makers and service providers do their jobs right, consumers won’t even know it when they start using IPv6, but they do stand to benefit, proponents of IPv6 said in a panel discussion at International CES on Thursday.”


IPv6 takes one step forward, IPv4 two steps back in 2012
Ars Technica – 5 January 2013

“IPv6 rollout is still inefficient with problems ahead, but there is slow progress.”


IPv6 shift puts cash-strapped telcos in a fix
The Times of India – 27 December 2012

“India’s much-delayed transition to the next-generation technology standard for internet communication-IPv6 – have put country’s telecommunication and internet services providers in a quandary as they must now spend on technology to prepare for the change.”


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