Archive | May, 2012

Beca tackles IPv6 head-on

Professional services and infrastructure consultancy Beca began getting serious about IPv6 as early as 2009. Speaking at the Computerworld New Zealand IPv6 event today, CIO Robin Johansen says the company decided to position IPv6 as a prudential asset mangement project, implementing it as a component of normal asset husbandry, not as a big-bang project. The […]

Panelists spruik IPv6

Today’s Computerworld New Zealand IPv6 event saw a trio of specialists from the NZ IPv6 Task Force discuss IPv6 from a security, technical and business perspective. Technical Convenor Dean Pemberton described IPv6 as being neither more nor less secure than IPv4, noting that, at present, the number of IPv6 attacks are low. This is a […]

TradeMe travels down IPv6 adoption path

With over 300,000 daily listings, e-commerce poster child TradeMe is a site of considerable consequence. The company pumps out an astonishing 6TB of data onto the Internet every day, and each week between 20 and 30 changes are pushed to its website. Speaking at today’s Computerworld New Zealand IPv6 event, the company’s Head of Infrastructure […]