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The New Zealand IPv6 Task Force is tasked with promoting the adoption of IPv6, assisting with training and education options and implementation planning. The Task Force is aligned with the Global IPv6 Forum, and its work is driven by the impending exhaustion of IPv4 addressing and the associated risk and additional cost that this is expected to impose on New Zealand organisations.

Summary of New Zealand IPv6 deployment – Wikipedia entry

New Zealand IPv6 Task Force Trust Deed (PDF)

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New Zealand IPv6 Task Force members:

New Zealand IPv6 Task Force History:
Following a workshop convened by New Zealand’s Ministry of Economic Development in November 2008, major ICT industry and stakeholder organizations agreed on the need for New Zealand to develop a transition plan from IPv4 to IPv6.

The workshop saw the formation of a New Zealand IPv6 Steering Group, which included representatives from telecommunications carriers, internet service providers, ICT vendors, and industry and user associations.

In November 2009 the Steering Group was superceded by the New Zealand IPv6 Task Force, an across-industry group convened by independent consultant Dr Murray Milner and supported by the Ministry of Economic Development and Internet New Zealand.

Key personnel:

Dr Murray Milner – IPv6 Task Force Convenor:
Murray is a well-respected figure in New Zealand’s ICT community. With over 34 years experience in the industry he has held a variety of senior positions within Telecom New Zealand, including as CIO.  He has a doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Canterbury.

Dean Pemberton – IPv6 Task Force Technical Convenor:
Dean is a Senior Consultant with Prophecy Networks.  His role has a particulary broad scope, ranging from ICT policy development with CIOs  to overseeing deployment of infrastructure.  Dean is regularly involved with InternetNZ and has previously worked for Juniper Networks and Lucent Technologies in consulting and training roles.

Minutes of recent Task Force meetings (.rtf format):

Minutes – IPv6 Task Force Meeting (13 February 2012)