NZ IPv6 Metrics


The purpose of these metrics is to further encourage the adoption of IPv6 and allow NZ’s progress to be benchmarked against other economies.

It aims to provide the following insights:

  1. status of service providers (supply side)
  2. status of content providers (demand side)
  3. level of actual uptake / usage of IPv6 (organisations and consumers)
  4. international comparison to our major trading partners

The benchmarking and metrics have been developed following these principles as closely as follows:

  1. publicly available data should be used
  2. historic data should (ideally) exist for chosen measures
  3. measures should target outcomes (results) wherever possible and not inputs
  4. leverage existing international frameworks where they exist
  5. ability to be replicated internationally by other economies

The metrics

Service provider readiness

1: % of NZ ASes announcing v6 prefix (RIPE measure)
2: v6-related queries to .nz root servers (NZRS measure)
3: Number and type of ISPs v6 offerings (Taskforce survey)

Availability of content and services

4: service availability of top NZ domains (Vyncke measure)
5: service availability of .nz ccTLD (TaskForce measure)
6: nz registrars offering v6 glue record services (DNCL measure)

Usage and uptake

7: confirmed v6 traffic flows from ISPs (M-Lab measure)
8: % of v6 capable end-users (APNIC measure)
9: v6 traffic levels on [WIX | large ISP]

We also provide a detailed description of each metric.


  • Q1 2012


The NZ IPv6 Taskforce acknowledges the significant support it has had in preparing this benchmarking and metric framework and in allowing existing data sets to be used.

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  1. West Coile 28. Jun, 2018 at 9:35 am #

    Please update this IPv6 statistics page! Looks like the info hasn’t been updated since about 2012.

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