.nz NTP servers now IPv6-accessible

InternetNZ subsidiary company NZRS has advised that its public NTP service is now fully IPv6-accessible.

In a post to the NZNOG mailing list, NZRS Chief Executive Jay Daley says that there is “new firmware on the boxes that fixes previous IPv6 issues”.  ntp1.ntp.net.nz and ntp3 are now accessible over IPv6, albeit ntp2 has a minor provider-related IPv6 issue awaiting remedy.

Daley says NZRS is considering adding one more server to the NTP network and is researching a number of of kit possibilities.

Feedback on NZRS’ NTP service is welcome at anytime and can be emailed direct to Jay Daley at [email protected]

More information on NZRS’ NTP server network can be read online at http://ntp.net.nz.

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