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Task Force presents at APNIC34

The APNIC34 Conference is underway in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. IPv6 Task Force Technical Convenor Dean Pemberton is in attendance and has delivered a presentation relating to IPv6 in New Zealand. His presentation focuses on the country’s overall IPv6 landscape, leveraging the Task Force’s recently-released quarterly metrics report. A copy is available below: Task Force presentation […]

Survey reveals shift in focus to IPv6 adoption

Media release – 29 August 2012 Local awareness and adoption of IPv6 – the ‘next generation’ Internet addressing schema – appears to be maturing, with a recent survey by the IPv6 Task Force indicating an increase in the number of New Zealand organisations planning to implement the protocol. IPv6 is the ‘next-generation’ method of Internet […]

Task Force releases ‘metrics’ report, highlighting state of IPv6 in New Zealand

The New Zealand IPv6 Task Force has today released its latest ‘metrics’ report, showing the state and extent of the nation’s IPv6 Internet.  A PDF version of the report is available below: IPv6 Metrics Analysis – Report #1: Q2 2012 The Report highlights a number of key trends, including: New Zealand’s service providers show a […]

New Zealand IPv6 Task Force ISP/Carrier Survey

The New Zealand IPv6 Task Force is working to support and encourage the transition from IPv4 to the IPv6 addressing protocol. We are tasked with promoting the adoption of IPv6, assisting with training /education options and implementation planning. As part of this programme we are repeating our benchmarking survey with New Zealand Internet providers, to […]