Who will be affected by IPv6?

Only a small percentage of live addresses in the publicly accessible Internet use IPv6; the large majority use IPv4. However, deployments of the IPv6 protocol have already been made in Asia, North America and Europe.

Federal government agencies in the United States for instance have been required to run IPv6 since mid-2008, and the Korean government is making IPv6 mandatory in the public sector by 2010.

New Zealand organisations must position themselves to take advantage of the opportunities IPv6 offers to innovative users of the Internet and developers of new technology.

Those that will benefit by the implementation of IPv6 include:

  • Government, health and education
  • Operations, administration and management
  • New technology end-users and consumers
  • Defence forces and industry
  • Banking and security organisations
  • Research and education networks
  • Transition technology strategists
  • Convergence technologies like VoIP and ENUM
  • Mobility and sensor network technologists
  • Regional and rural interest groups
  • Computer and network service providers
  • Numbering and addressing organisations.

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