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Update on Task Force activity

The New Zealand IPv6 Task Force has progressed a number of activities in recent months: The appointment of a co-ordinator – Grant Symons – is intended to catalyse the Task Force’s engagement with industry and key target sectors. Grant is an independent contractor specialising in project and relationship management. He commenced a six month, part […]

Who will be affected by IPv6?

Only a small percentage of live addresses in the publicly accessible Internet use IPv6; the large majority use IPv4. However, deployments of the IPv6 protocol have already been made in Asia, North America and Europe. Federal government agencies in the United States for instance have been required to run IPv6 since mid-2008, and the Korean […]

Steering Group holds New Zealand IPv6 Hui

The New Zealand IPv6 Steering Group roadshowed a highly-successful series of IPv6 Hui (conferences) in Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington in August 2009. The Hui tackled head-on the need to develop roadmaps for industry and corporate networks to implement IPv6 in New Zealand. Key speakers included ‘Father of the Internet’ Vint Cerf, Tokyo University’s Hiroshi Esaki, […]

Steering Group surveys New Zealand IPv6 readiness

In July and August 2009, the New Zealand IPv6 Steering Group conducted a survey of New Zealand’s top 100 CIOs to gauge their organisation’s IPv6 readiness. The response rate was 37 percent. Encouragingly, more than half of respondents said they were at least adequately informed about IPv6, and 70 percent were aware that all IPv4 […]