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Internode tells its IPv6 story

By Campbell Gardiner ANZIA award-winning service provider Internode today regaled IPv6 Summit attendees with a potted history of its IPv6 journey – a technical tale spanning more than ten years. The company’s co-founder Simon Hackett says it took its first tentative steps in 2004, obtaining an IPv6 address allocation. It then “connected up” and started […]

Telstra charts steady IPv6 course

By Campbell Gardiner Australian telco Telstra is making steady progress with the adoption of IPv6 across its suite of service offerings. Speaking at the Australian IPv6 Summit, Telstra’s David Woodgate says its business and enterprise-grade products are tracking well from an IPv6 perspective. These customers can take advantage of IPv6 over ethernet, IPv6 for IP […]

IPv6 poised for tremendous growth – Google

By Campbell Gardiner IPv6 adoption grew globally by 150% in the past year, according to Google, and the Internet giant predicts that, at this rate, 50% of its users will be using the protocol in six years. Speaking at the 8th annual Australian IPv6 Summit, Google’s Jen Linkova says that the World IPv6 Launch event […]

ARIN scrapes bottom of IPv4 barrel

By Campbell Gardiner The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) has 2.83 /8s of IPv4 space remaining and will run out completely in either the first or second quarter of next year, it was announced today. Speaking at the 8th annual Australian IPv6 Summit, ARIN President and CEO John Curran reiterated that global depletion has […]

IPv6 central to our Internet future

By Campbell Gardiner The 8th annual Australian IPv6 Summit kicked off in fine style this morning, with global computing giants HP and Cisco positioning IPv6 front and centre of an increasingly networked and connected world. The Internet is now a mission critical piece of infrastructure for almost all businesses and organisations, a point stressed by […]