IPv6 poised for tremendous growth – Google

By Campbell Gardiner

IPv6 adoption grew globally by 150% in the past year, according to Google, and the Internet giant predicts that, at this rate, 50% of its users will be using the protocol in six years.

Speaking at the 8th annual Australian IPv6 Summit, Google’s Jen Linkova says that the World IPv6 Launch event in June 2012 has done much to spur IPv6 awareness and growth.

With over 2,000 participants, World IPv6 Launch saw a number of the world’s largest content providers and service providers permanently switch on IPv6.

“The Launch proved that IPv6 is being used and we are seeing it being deployed around the world in almost every access technology including cable, DSL and LTE,” says Linkova.

During World IPv6 Launch, Google saw a 75 percent increase in IPv6 queries per second. Other IPv6-related statistics compiled by Google show that AT&T has enabled IPv6 for 1 million subscribers; 20% of LTE Verizon Wireless users are now using native IPv6, and closer to home, 3.5% of Internode (Australia) subscribers are using native IPv6.

The Internet giant permanently measures IPv6 adoption among Google users – the adoption figure for Australia is 0.31%; the New Zealand figure is 0.23%.

More details at www.google.com/ipv6.

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