Asia Pacific region runs out of IPv4 Internet addresses

Media release – 18 April 2011

The organisation that manages Internet address allocation for the Asia Pacific region has announced that it has no more IPv4 Internet addresses available for general allocation.

APNIC (the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre) is now implementing austerity measures, in which its remaining few IPv4 addresses are rationed to its members only.

New Zealand IPv6 Task Force Convenor Murray Milner says complete exhaustion is now only a matter of time.

“Once exhaustion occurs the rapidly growing economies of the Asia Pacific region will have little option but to grow their Internet services and applications using IPv6 – the next generation Internet addressing protocol.”

The message to New Zealand businesses is clear, says Milner. “The growth of the IPv6-based Internet is about to develop rapidly. Even if you have plenty of IPv4 addresses available to expand your business in New Zealand, your customers and suppliers in Asia don’t have the same opportunity.

“Over the coming months, an increasing part of the Internet will become invisible to you if you don’t take steps to embrace IPv6.

“This is not a cause for panic, but now is the time for organisations to act to adopt IPv6 on their networks.

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