Latest news from the NZIPv6 Task Force: it’s crunch-time for IPv4…

IANA runs out of IPv4 addresses
The IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority – has allocated the last IP address blocks from the global IPv4 central address pool, ending all debates over when this would happen.

Several months remain before Regional Registries consume all their remaining regional IPv4 address pools, with recent trends suggesting that Asia, Europe, and North America will exhaust in that order within a month or two on either side of July 1, 2011.

The prediction for exhaustion of the remaining IPv4 addresses held by the regional registries is now the subject of debate.

The Regional Registry for the Asia Pacific region – APNIC – is predicted to run out first, sometime around the middle of this year. The exact outcome will depend on many factors which are difficult to predict at this time, but this timeframe provides a useful guide.

It should also be emphasised that exhaustion in the APNIC region is driven by the needs of our Asian neighbours, including India and China, rather than ourselves. However, it does put pressure on the adoption of IPv6 in New Zealand in order to stay in touch with our neighbours.

New Zealand IPv6 Task Force launches online Service Directory
The New Zealand IPv6 Task Force has launched an online Service Directory to help organisations with transition planning and adoption of IPv6 – the next generation Internet addressing protocol.

The Service Directory contains a list of New Zealand-based vendors, trainers, consultants, service providers and IT integrators who have expertise in IPv6. It can be found on the Task Force’s website at

Broadband Forum approves IPv6 specs for CPE
The global Broadband Forum has recently approved a series of technical reports, one of which relates to IPv6 and CPE (consumer premises equipment). The Forum has also flagged IPv6 as an area of “strategic importance” for 2011.

John Tanner from says the new CPE specs promise to clear a key hurdle for broadband service providers to provide IPv6 support to customers. Read his full report below:

New Zealand IPv6 Task Force supports World IPv6 Day
The New Zealand IPv6 Task Force announces its support for World IPv6 Day, set for 8 June 2011.

There will be a number of events held on this day around the world, with major web companies coming together to enable IPv6 on their main websites for 24 hours.

The Task Force is planning a series of activities for World IPv6 Day. Stay tuned for further details.

New Zealand IPv6 Task Force endorses procurement guidelines
The New Zealand IPv6 Task Force has given its seal of approval to two IPv6-specific procurement guidelines.

The Task Force’s preferred guideline is that issued by the Tasmanian Government. However, the Task Force also endorses the more comprehensive RIPE procurement guideline as an alternative for those who require more detail.

Copies of both these guidelines are available on the Task Force’s website and New Zealand organisations are encouraged to make use of these when considering purchasing ICT equipment.

Auldhouse offers IPv6 courses
IT training firm Auldhouse is now offering a portfolio of IPv6 training courses, targeted at technical and executive audiences. There are three courses on offer, as follows:

For Managers or anyone requiring an overview of transitioning to IPv6:
IPv6 Overview – ½ Day

For IT Professionals wishing to upgrade skills:
Transitioning to IPv6 – 3 Days

For Cisco Engineers requiring IPv6 training:
IPv6 Fundamentals, Design and Deployment – 5 Days

For more information and to register please refer to the link below:

Check out the training page of the Task Force’s website to read more about the Task Force’s approach to IPv6 training:

More about the New Zealand IPv6 Task Force
The New Zealand IPv6 Task Force is an across-industry group that has been in existence since November 2009. It boasts a 30-strong membership, comprising representatives from telecommunications carriers, internet service providers, ICT vendors, and industry and user associations.

Aligned with the Global IPv6 Forum, the Task Force’s work is driven by the exhaustion of IPv4 addressing and the risk and cost that this is expected to impose on New Zealand organisations.

The Task Force is convened by independent technology consultant Dr Murray Milner and is supported by Internet New Zealand. The Task Force’s technical lead is Dean Pemberton, a senior consultant with Wellington-based Prophecy Networks.

The Task Force meets regularly to refine its IPv6 action plan and discuss strategies in regards to industry engagement, IPv6 promotion and implementation planning.

New members are welcome. If you are interested in joining the Task Force please email [email protected].

To facilitate discussion on New Zealand-related IPv6 issues the Task Force maintains two public mailing lists, which you can subscribe to below:

IPv6 Public Mailing List: for general IPv6 discussion

IPv6 Technical Mailing List: for technical IPv6 discussion

To find out more about the Task Force visit the following link and follow us on Twitter.
Twitter – @NZIPv6

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