Department of Internal Affairs launches IPv6 website

Government Technology Services, a business group of the Department of Internal Affairs, has launched an IPv6 website as a proof of concept to demonstrate how New Zealand government websites can be made accessible to the IPv6 Internet.

As part of this proof of concept Government Technology Services has set up an IPv6 address schema and established a dual-stack proof of concept government IPv6 website. It will also be auditing its own network for IPv6 readiness.

This proof of concept project has also enabled Government Technology Services to gain experience, expertise and a greater understanding of IPv6.

The Department of Internet Affairs has now enabled DNS to be fully IPv6 ready for Agencies to utilise.

Education is the core focus of this proof of concept and Government Technology Services is keen to share their findings; a case study will be made available to government agencies and chief information officers.

For more information contact:
[email protected] or media enquires to [email protected]

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