Register now for IPv6 deployment workshop

The NZNOG11 Conference in January will feature an IPv6 Deployment Workshop for those who are looking to, or who have started to deploy IPv6 in their network.  And that’s everyone, right?

As this is a practical workshop, there is a maximum number of 28 participants.  Register early to avoid disappointment!

Dates: Monday 24th – Wednesday 26th January.

Presenter: Nathan Ward – Consultant, Braintrust.

Who should attend:
This is a technical workshop, made up of lectures and hands-on lab work. Open to technical staff who are now or soon will be building or operating an IPv6 network.  The workshop will cover IPv6 routing, transition technologies, and a good deal of background as to why IPv6 is the way it is today, and what issues remain to be solved.

The workshop will be a combination of theory and lab. The lab will constitute about 60% of the total course.

All participants must bring their own laptop (with wireless access).

Good knowledge of IPv4 addressing, network operations as well as knowledge of DNS, Routing with both IGP and BGP. It is important that students have good prior knowledge of operations in IPv4 in order for them to attend this workshop.

What you will learn:
• History of IPv6
• IPv6 Design and Addressing
• IPv6 Mechanisms – neighbour discovery, auto-configuration, address selection, multicast
• IPv6 Routing – RIP, OSPFv3, ISIS, BGP and BGP multihoming
• Access and Services – DHCPv6, Ethernet services, PPP services, co-location and web hosting
• Transition technologies – applications, dual stack, 6RD, 6PE, DS-Lite, Teredo, 6to4, ISATAP
• IPv6 transition strategies and current problems

Each class is different and tuned to the participants requirements. If there are any specific requirements, these should be communicated to the instructors during the workshops. The instructors who teach at these workshops are among the top Internet engineers today and between them, have a great deal of knowledge on many current technologies.

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