IPv6 support across NZ ISPs – January 2015

Lindsay Hill (http://lkhill.com) was trying to find out which New Zealand ISPs were offering IPv6, and couldn’t find it in one place. So he’s pulled together this data himself, into this Google Sheet, reproduced here:


ISPIPv6Prefix LengthStatic?Notes
Compass?Have asked - no response yet
Earthlight?Have asked - no response yet, but believe it is supported
InspireTrial/56Yes*Prefix normally sticky, may change in future
MaxnetNoN/AN/ANot supported for home connections. Available on request for co-lo systems
MyRepublicNo*N/AN/ANot currently supported, but plan to offer by June
OrconTrial/56Yes*Prefix normally sticky, may change in future
SinchYes/56Yes*Static allocations on request
SnapYes/48NoNot full production support. May be disabled occasionally. Outages will not be notified on network status page
VorcoYes/56YesBusiness-grade services/pricing, not residential
WorldxChangeClosed trial/56Yes"Trial" has been running for several years. Currently closed.


This is primarily focused around residential ISPs, and the status of their IPv6 support for ‘regular’ customers.  The data focusses on three things:
* Is IPv6 supported – fully or trial?
* What prefix lengths are given to customers
* Are static allocations available?”


While there are ISPs who have clearly committed to supporting IPv6 this is not the case across the board, which may suggest why Google says we’re only doing ~0.6% IPv6 traffic.


All comments and updates welcome – either add a comment to the Google Sheet, or email Lindsay(mailto:[email protected]com). If we get enough data, it may be worth breaking out residential vs business vs co-lo IPv6 support.


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  1. Uli 27. Jun, 2015 at 2:57 pm #

    A pretty sad state for IPv6 here in NZ. 5 out of 16 ISPs offer IPv6 and one of them only for business services. One (WorldxChange or xnet) say yes they offer static IPv6 address but the routers you get from them are not IPv6 capable (at least their Multi-access MP264 Router “next generation, future proofed router” (www.wxc.co.nz/residential/hardware/residentialgateways/mp264/) which they provide. If you search their site for IPv6 you get “No results were found in Everything matching your query: ‘IPv6′”. I guess the only ones running IPv6 would be those who took part in their trial. How is the state of the other 4 ISPs stating they support IPv6?

    The only way to use IPv6 for most users would be a teredo tunnel. It is high time for the ISPs to get their act together and offer true IPv6 connections.

  2. Harry 14. Mar, 2016 at 9:05 am #

    Hi – it would be great if this table could be updated. Would be interesting to see the results a year later 🙂

  3. Félix Saparelli 22. May, 2016 at 3:58 pm #

    Uber (residential and business Whangarei ISP) also supports IPv6.

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