NZ IPv6 Task Force supports NetHui South

Murray Milner, the Convener of the New Zealand IPv6 Task Force welcomes the opportunity to support the first regional NetHui to be held in Dunedin later this month.

The introduction of the next generation Internet based on IPv6 should be of great interest to all users of the Internet and hence it is appropriate for the Task Force to support this event, he says.

“The Task Force has previously supported the NetHuis held in Auckland and received considerable value from the interaction with people interested in all aspects of the Internet. We expect that the same will be true of the first regional NetHui in Dunedin.”

“In this regard we encourage people from across the Dunedin and the lower South Island communities to participate in the NetHui South event. We are certain that there will be topics and discussions of interest to every user of the Internet. This will not just be on technical topics but cover the full range of social, business, education and health issues related to the use of and enhancement of the Internet. Your participation will add to the richness and diversity of the conversation at this NetHui.”

More information about NetHui South – including how to register – is available at

In respect of IPv6 more generally, Milner notes that the last IPv4 addresses are currently being distributed globally and says it is time to adopt the IPv6 address scheme to ensure the Internet can continue to grow without bounds.

“In order to enable a smooth and low risk and cost adoption of IPv6 the Task Force encourages early consideration of this change so that it can be easily incorporated into normal business as usual upgrade and refresh plans for any entity using the Internet.

“For most residential consumers and small businesses the effort involved will be minimal, with most of the work being done by their ISP. For larger enterprises, there needs to be a planned programme of work, which if undertaken over a period of time can be quite painless.”

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