Tech-Sig Convenor reports back from APNIC32

In September 2011, Task Force Technical Convenor Dean Pemberton embarked for the port metropolis of Busan, South Korea for the APNIC 32 Conference.

In between immersing himself in APNIC’s inner-policy workings, he chaired a session of the ‘IPv6 Transition Plenary’, discussing with content providers what they observed on World IPv6 Day.

Dean also presented at the Asia Pacific IPv6 Task Force Meeting, offering up a primer on the state of IPv6 within New Zealand. His trip report contains some useful observations, and is available below.

Technical Convenor – APNIC32 Trip Report

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  1. Brian Carpenter 26. Sep, 2011 at 8:49 am #

    The report says “I suspect that New Zealand is one of the only economies without a statement from government calling for IPv6 adoption.” Don’t forget this, however:

    “The minister for communications and information technology does not believe that regulatory intervention is appropriate. Adoption of IPv6 needs to be lead by the private sector. The private sector must recognise that adopting IPv6 is in their own best interests to protect their investment in online capabilities into the future. Issues of advantages and
    disadvantages, costs, risks, timing, methodology etc, have to be for each enterprise to assess for itself.”
    Statement by the New Zealand Minister for Communications
    24 August 2009

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