KAREN seminar: IPv6 for real-time musical collaboration

Statement from REANNZ – www.karen.net.nz – 19 July 2011

Join us on Tuesday 26 July when Associate Professor Ian Whalley will share his experiences of spearheading the use of IPv6 for international electroacoustic music collaboration.

Technology enables new forms of musical collaboration

Ian Whalley from the University of Waikato is leading the charge in the application of advanced networks and IPv6 for music performance collaboration. He recently collaborated with musicians in China and Canada in a real-time, live musical performance over a distance of 30,000 kilometres.

Advanced networks, through real-time digital audio and HD video, provide the opportunity for electroacoustic music practitioners to connect with, bridge, amalgamate, and lead diverse sound-based music traditions; facilitating new hybrid sonic art forms. The presentation covers how KAREN (and our relationships with Internet2 and other NRENs around the globe) makes this possible, some of the technical issues faced with using IPv6, and then a example work is put forward to illustrate various points made.

For more, you can read the full case study about Ian’s research and performance.

How to participate

This event is being held 3:30 – 4:30, Tuesday 26 July 2011 via the KAREN Video Conferencing Service. You can find video conferencing connection details on the KAREN event calendar.

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