Does IPv6 ensure the survival of an open Internet?

REANNZ CEO Donald Clark makes the case for IPv6 in the New Zealand Computer Society’s newsline publication:

“Last week, I sat next to the team from Outpost Central, a finalist at the NZ Hi-Tech awards. Outpost Central makes thousands of remote, battery powered sensors that people use for real-time water or energy use measurements, or to keep an eye on soil moisture and the like.

“That is a classic case for IPv6 surely, I thought. It’s a profusion of devices, all wanting to be connected to the Internet to share data. I asked them if they used IPv6. The answer was that they’d like to, but “the GSM networks we use don’t support it.

“However, it isn’t just sensors and monitoring that consume IP addresses. Every time someone turns on an Android smartphone, an iPad, a home media centre, Apple TV, laptop, smart electricity meter, video calling device the Internet gets bigger. I had eleven devices with an IP address in my home at last count, and I know people who have more than that. Millions of users are coming on line all the time, and they each need an IP address…”

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