KAREN seminar: The future with IPv6

New Zealand’s Research and Education Advanced Network (REANNZ) is hosting a seminar on ‘the future with IPv6’ on Wednesday 8 June.

New Zealand IPv6 Taskforce Technical Convenor Dean Pemberton is guest speaker.

This seminar is being held 3:30 – 4:30pm Wednesday 8 June via the KAREN Video Conferencing Service.

Seminar: IPv6 through the crystal ball. What a future with IPv6 might look like

Now that IPv4 has run out, the world of IPv6 is upon us, but what does that mean for the Internet? Does it just mean larger, uglier addresses and that’s about it? Does it mean the end of Internet security as we know it with packets roaming around some MadMax-esque landscape?

To be honest, probably neither of those things. However IPv6 presents us with some opportunities as well as some challenges in the short, medium and long terms. Dean Pemberton, New Zealand IPv6 Taskforce Technical Convenor, explores what these might mean in the months and years ahead.

How to participate in this seminar

Meeting Subject: KAREN Seminar Series IPv6
Meeting ID: 6934
Date: 08/06/2011
Time: 15:25 (New Zealand Standard Time)
Duration: 01:00

To connect from your desktop using Windows or Mac, go to http://sds.karen.net.nz/scopia?ID=6934&autojoin

REANNZ recommends you install the desktop client beforehand. To install the client, go to http://sds.karen.net.nz/scopia?client

To test that your software and hardware are setup correctly beforehand, you can join the 24hr test room by entering the meeting id 6222.

To connect from an H.323 Endpoint, please dial to connect to the bridge directly, or if you are behind a firewall. Enter the corresponding number to the left of your meeting name in the navigation menu using Touch Tones (DTMF), or press 0 and enter: 6934 following by #

To connect from a telephone or ISDN unit, please dial: +64 4 499 8283. When prompted for a meeting id, enter: 6934 followed by #

NB: Usual tolls will apply
NB: This meeting will become available to join on the Bridge 10 mins prior to the start time.

If you are experiencing difficulties connecting, please contact AVCC Helpdesk on 0800 666 889 or at [email protected]

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