IPv6 Task Force surveys enterprise & industry readiness

The New Zealand IPv6 Task Force has been busy over the past few months surveying the IPv6-readiness of New Zealand enterprises and ICT industry.

Two surveys have been conducted – the third annual IPv6 Readiness Survey of New Zealand’s top 100 organisations by number of computing devices, and an inaugural survey of ISPs and Carriers.

IPv6 Readiness Survey – top 100
The third annual IPv6 Readiness Survey was conducted in May/June 2011, with public and private sector Chief Information Officers (CIOs) asked about their organisation’s IPv6 readiness and plans for adoption.

The response rate this year was 34 percent, compared with a 46 percent response rate in 2010 and 37 percent in 2009.

A summary of results, including comparisons with previous years, is now available:
IPv6 Readiness Survey 2011 – summary of results (.PDF)

Key points below:

  • Universal awareness of IPv4 address expiry has occurred.
  • Slight growth in respondents IPv6-enabled – complimented by 61% indicating enablement within 1-2 years compared with 39% in 2010.
  • Circa 50% of respondents aware IPv6 is an opportunity or risk.
  • Strong indications that awareness and knowledge has improved as increased numbers of respondents confirm deployment planning is occurring and requirements for IPv6 are included in RFI’s & RFP’s & purchasing decisions.
  • 74% of respondents indicate a reliance on outsourced support.
  • 18% of respondents indicate they have or are considering changing service providers due to their inability to provide IPv6 services.
  • This year’s survey includes stronger representation from private sector organisations. It also includes an increase in both the number of devices represented and IPv6 awareness across both Private and Public sector. This is a very encouraging shift and indicates that many organisations now have strategies and plans in place.

ISP/Carrier Survey
The survey of  New Zealand service providers was conducted in June/July 2011, with ISPs and carriers asked about their preparations around the IPv6 addressing scheme.

39 service provider organisations were approached, with a 64 percent response rate.

This is understood to be the first survey of its kind in New Zealand and the Task Force intends following up with further surveys to gauge relative change.

A summary of results is available below:
ISP Carrier Survey 2011 – summary of results (.PDF)

Key points below:

  • In the ISP and Carrier community work is going on behind the scenes, with 75% of respondents having a test environment for IPv6.
  • 71% of respondents have or are evaluating CPE. From the comments provided, consumer CPE providers appear to be behind enterprise providers, and some respondents claim WAN CPE is not readily available as yet.
  • 88% of respondents said they do not currently provide FAQ’s or support for residential customers – which isn’t surprising given many of the respondents don’t provide residential services and many claim that CPE is not viable as yet.


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